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Im on a Boat
Well this is long over due...

Ive been in Tokyo now just over a week and so far it's been pretty damn intense.

The hardest thing to adjust to (language barrier not-with-standing) is the currency. Its so totally different, I can never get a grip of whether Im spending LOADS or very little, food is pretty expensive and the temptation to eat out is very high. That would be because EVERYTHING IS DELICIOUS IN JAPAN!

We discovered this burger joint called Mos Burger and its right near where we live (note when I say we, I mean me and the various friends I have made in my accomodation block, which is pretty nice btw) Mos Burger is a chain though and I am told by other friends that Freshness Burger is better (yet to sample) it has soon become a joke being the absolute epitome of temptation BECAUSE ITS SO GOOD!

The food aside, I bought Pokemon, havent had a chance to play it yet.

Oh and Class hasnt started yet, although there was a SUPER HARD placement test, I get the results tomorrow >_>

Also Arcades are awesome, though the whole "anyone can jump in and challenge you" aspect is terrifying and tends to lead to getting beat down by crazy good japanse people >_<

Despite everyone's expectations that it would be the first thing I did, I have not yet been to Akihabara... Harajuku though... I love that place! And Shinjuku is pretty awesome too! Need to go to Shibuya too.

OH and I went to Tokyo Games Show! THAT WAS EPIC O_O Loads of awesome games to look forward to guys! Oh and there were so many awesome japanese cosplayers there, almost made me want to give up forever T_T but Im not giving up! In fact me and some friends intend to go to Komicet (or however you spell it) and we're doing a more unconventional Soul Eater group :3

I think thats enough information overload xD


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Aw, sounds like you're having fun!!! ^_^

Make sure to take lots of photos of... well... everything!! XD XD

I'm glad you are doing well, ^_^

(Sorry I don't have any non-zuka icons to post with, ;) )

:^ it sounds so awesome! I have jealous!

\o/ if you see any amazing things tell me so I know what to add to my own Japan trip!

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